Ninja Experience Cafe Osaka, Kyoto, Harajuku & Asakusa


What are things to do & places to go in Osaka, Kyoto & Tokyo in Japan? Sushi, Ramen, Fuji mountain, Fushimi-Inari, Sakura, Akihabara... and Ninja Experience!

Ninja Experience Cafe Osaka Dotonbori (Dotombori) in Osaka, Ninja Experience Cafe Kyoto Gion in Kyoto, Ninja Experience Cafe Asakusa, Ninja Experience Cafe Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan, are hands-on entertainment cafe based on the concept of "Ninja" / "Shinobi", that is!

Not only can you enjoy the experience of ninja training by dressing up in ninja costume, but we also offer special ninja dish and desserts using ninja techniques (Ninjutsu) as a restaurant.

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Our restaurant has received the "Traveler's Choice 2023" award on Tripadvisor, the world's largest review site!
We are very happy to win it!
We would like to thank everyone who gave us such wonderful review.

Feel like a movie star, and don't be shy to create your best memories with a lot of cool photos!
Kids and adults in your whole family and friends are sure to be very satisfied with this special experience.
When you travel to Osaka, Kyoto, Asakusa and Harajuku in Tokyo, you must visit our Ninja Experience Cafe!

Ninja Training Experience


Ninja Photo taking Tour ~visit tourist spots and take memorable photo and video with Ninja


Wear Ninja costumes and
walk around famous spots and take photos
in Japan with Ninja!!

If you wear a ninja costume, why not just head out into the streets of Japan?
A ninja will take you famous spots in the area and take memorable photos and videos !
Sneak into the streets of Japan and take lots of videos and photos to make your own special memories!

*Please note that this event is currently only held at the Osaka Dotonbori store and Kyoto Gion store.
If you would like to take a tour, please reserve Goemon course or Kirimaru course.
Our ninjas are non-native English speakers. We'll do our best to introduce you to the city's famous spots in English.

Ninja Experience Cafe Menu

We offer a Ninja Trainings experience that you can learn how to use three ninja weapons, Ninja costumes that you feel like a ninja once you put on, and enjoy our signature Ninja drinks and foods as a cafe or restaurant.

drink-ninja ale-beer

Ninja Experience Cafe Reviews

"Great experience! I have 2 ninjas in the house now 😂"

"We had a great time here! Kids loved it, staff friendly, cool ninja experiences! Lots of photo and video opportunities!!"

"The ninja experience was amazing. We learned the samurai sword, shuriken, and blow dart. The instructors were very knowledgeable and kind. Worth the package with food. Great for all ages."

Media that introduced Ninja Experience Cafe

Ninja Experience Cafe has been featured in many media outlets both in Japan and overseas as an entertainment cafe where everyone, from children to adults, both Japanese and foreign tourists, can enjoy and casually experience Japanese culture, "Ninja".
We have been featured on Japanese television stations, as well as German and Korean television stations, on YouTube, in newspaper articles, in online media and so on.
Thank you very much!!

Please feel free to contact us regarding interviews and filming from the contact form.


In Osaka, Ninja Experience Cafe Osaka Dotonbori is located near Namba station and the famous Glico's neon sign (scheduled to open on October 8).
In Kyoto, Ninja Experience Cafe Kyoto Gion is located near Hanami-Koji street and Yasaka Shirine.
In Tokyo, Ninja Experience Cafe Harajuku is located along Takeshita Street near Meiji Shrine and Ninja Experience Cafe Asakusa is located near Sensoji Temple.
Please choose the one that best suits your location and travel plans.

Access information and photos of the store are available below for your consideration.


Reservations can be made online. You can make it from these buttons.

Due to heavy traffic, the reservation site may be temporarily unavailable.
If you are unable to successfully complete your reservation from the reservation site,
please email with the following information.
・your name
・store ( Osaka / Kyoto / Harajuku / Asakusa )
・preferred date
・order course
・number of people participating Ninja trainings / number of people who do not participate

Ninja Experience Cafe Asakusa will be very busy in these days and is often fully booked.
In that case, please consider visiting Ninja Experience Cafe Harajuku.
It is relatively easier to make a reservation.

Opening hours & contact

We are open everyday from 10:00am to 9:00pm, but there are days and hours when we are closed irregularly.
For this reason, we ask that you make a reservation in advance via our online reservation system.

Please contact us from here to inquire about private events etc.