Ninja Experience Cafe Trainings

Experience Ninja training!!!

Our ninja will guide you through the trainings of three ninja weapons: shuriken, blowgun, and sword.

From young children to adults, enjoy the slightly challenging, yet fun ninja training!

Guests who are not participating in ninja trainings are free to observe and take pictures while enjoying drink and food as a restaurant.

We will advise you on recommended moments you are enjoying to take photos and videos, so please take lots of them!
You are more than welcome to share them on your Instagram, Youtube, blog etc. Let your friends and family see your rebirth as a ninja!


Ninja costume

Wear a ninja costume to hide your true identity in the dark of night!
If you wear a "Shinobi" headband, you are a ninja in body and soul, that you are!


drink-ninja ale-beer
We are proud of our Ninja-ale and Ninja beer!
We have not only soft drinks but also alcoholic beverages for adults to enjoy!


We also have a meal menu including Ninja Curry. Especially try our original "Ninjutsu" dessert!
Halal and vegetarian foods are also available.