Ninja Experience Cafe Osaka Dotonbori

Highlights of Osaka Dotonbori store

Just a 2-minute walk from Glico sign which is the symbol in Osaka. A new sightseeing spot has arrived in the center of Namba, that Ninja Experience Cafe is!
The Osaka Dotonbori store is the newest of Ninja Experience Cafes, and as such, it offers the most fun ninja trick-house activities not available at the other stores!
Not only can you practice shuriken and blowgun, but there is also a revolving door called "Donden-gaeshi", a loophole behind a hanging scroll, and a peephole that leads from the ceiling into a room….
You can have fun playing with the many tricks! You can also take great ninja-like photos! Or you can film your own ninja mini-movie!
There are endless ways to have fun, that there are.
I also recommend that you take the "Walking Option", which allows you to go out in a ninja costume, to the streets of Namba, and strike a Glico pose in your ninja look.


In autumn 2023, Ninja Experience Cafel opens near Namba station in Osaka Dotonbori (Dotombori)!
1-6-8 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka -fu, Namba Monzo Building 4F

2 minutes on foot from Namba Station on the Midosuji Line & Sennichimae Line
4 minutes on foot from Osaka Namba Station on the Kintetsu Namba Line & Hanshin Line
6 minutes on foot from Kintetsu Nihombashi Station on the Kintetsu Namba Line

We don't have parking lots. Please use coin-operated parking lots in the neighborhood.

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Closing days <January 2024>

We are so sorry but we will be temporarily closed on the following dates.

  • January 1st (Mon)
  • January 23rd (Tue)

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