4 Best Shopping Districts in Osaka


Osaka is one of the central cities of Japan!
A city that combines Japanese tradition and modern charm, Osaka offers a combination of old and sophisticated shopping areas.
If you are planning to visit Osaka, but don't know where exactly to go for shopping!
Today, a ninja from Osaka will introduce you to four of the best places for shopping in Osaka.

  1. Umeda
  2. Namba (Nanba)
  3. Shinsaibashi
  4. Tennoji

1. Umeda


Umeda is the center of Osaka.
With a variety of stores ranging from luxury brands such as Hankyu Department Store and Daimaru to fast fashion, you can find everything you need here.
The underground shopping mall is also a great place to buy souvenirs.
In between shopping, you can enjoy the view from the observation deck of Grand Front Osaka.
We especially recommend the Nijiyura tenugui (hand towel) at LUCUA Osaka!
the official website of Nijiyura tenugui

Recommended Shopping Spots in Umeda

2. Namba


Namba is the downtown area of Osaka.
The large signboard on Dotonbori (Dotombori) is sure to leave a deep impression.
There are many restaurants and stores around Dotombori and Namba station.
At Ninja Experience Cafe Osaka Dotonbori, you can experience Ninja-training with ninjas.
Why don't you enjoy all the food, shopping, and leisure activities in Namba?

Recommended Shopping Spots in Namba

3. Shinsaibashi


Shinsaibashi is Japan's leading luxury brand district.
If you are looking for luxury shopping in Osaka, this is the place to visit.
In addition to high-end stores, there are also a variety of stores for the masses.
Especially in Amerika-mura, there are many second-hand clothing stores for young people.
If you are interested in fashion, you should definitely visit Shinsaibashi.
Why not pick up some memorable socks at COPO, a long-established socks shop in the Shinsaibashi-suji shopping arcade?

Recommended Shopping Spots in Shinsaibashi

4. Tennoji


Tennoji is located in the southern part of Osaka City and is home to many tourist attractions and shopping spots.
There are many shopping malls in the surrounding area.
Abeno Harukas, one of the largest buildings in Japan, offers both scenic views and shopping.
Tennoji Park and Tennoji Zoo are also located nearby, making it a town where you can enjoy yourself all day long.
The flower towels of "Yu Nakagawa" at Abeno Harukas Kintetsu main store are popular for their delicate colors.

Recommended Shopping Spots inTennoji


How was it?
Osaka has many shopping spots and stores.
We hope you will enjoy shopping in Osaka when you come to Japan!

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