Best 6 spots in Kyoto with children in rainy weather


Kyoto has many of Japan's most famous historical sights and is a must-visit destination if you are going to Japan.
However, it often rains in Kyoto. You don't want your trip to be ruined by rain, do you?
But don't worry, there are spots in Kyoto where you can enjoy the history and have fun with your children even in the rain.
Today, we will introduce six spots where you can enjoy Kyoto with your children without getting wet even on a rainy day.

[Experiential spots]

  1. Try being a ninja at "Ninja Experience Cafe Kyoto Gion"
  2. "Kyoto aquarium" where you can meet penguins and seals


  1. "Kyoto railway museum", a must-see for train lovers
  2. "Kyoto International manga museum" is a must-see for manga lovers.

[Eating and shopping]

  1. "Nishiki Market", the kitchen of Kyoto with 400 years of history
  2. "Shinkyogoku shopping street" with toy stores and candy shops

Experiential spots

1. Become a Ninja at "Ninja Experience Cafe Kyoto Gion"


The Ninja Experience Cafe Kyoto Gion is an entertainment cafe where you and your children can enjoy being a ninja.
There are a variety of attractions where you can play as a ninja, such as training with shuriken, blowgun and japanese sword (katana).
In the cafe space, ninja food and souvenirs are available.
This indoor facility is safe even on rainy days, and the whole family can enjoy the ninja experience.
You can enjoy it not only on rainy days, but also on hot summer days and cold winter days.

Ninja Experience Cafe's official website

2. "Kyoto Aquarium", where you can meet penguins and seals

At the Kyoto Aquarium, visitors can observe a variety of marine life up close, an especially interesting experience for children.
There are also a variety of fun events, such as dolphin shows and penguin feeding!

Kyoto Aquarium's official website


3. "Kyoto railway museum" is a must-see for train lovers

The Kyoto railway museum is a railroad museum that you and your children can enjoy together.
Visitors can get up close and personal with real rolling stock, such as bullet trains and steam locomotives, and feel like a train driver in the driving simulator.
The model trains and dioramas are also worth seeing, and visitors can learn about the history and mechanism of railroads.

the article on Kyoto railway museum

4. "Kyoto international manga museum" is a must-see for manga lovers!

The Kyoto international manga museum is recommended for children who love manga and anime!
There is a library with about 300,000 manga and picture books, an exhibition room where you can learn about the history of manga, and a studio that recreates a manga artist's workplace, among other attractions.
With events and an extensive English-language collection, parents and children are sure to have fun together!

the article on Kyoto international manga museum

Eating and shopping

5. "Nishiki market", Kyoto's kitchen with 400 years of history

Nishiki market, the kitchen of Kyoto, is full of attractions that can be enjoyed even with children!
The market offers a wide variety of foods that stimulate all five senses, including Kyoto vegetables, fresh fish, and Japanese sweets, and there are plenty of food tasting opportunities.
The wide aisles are safe for strollers, so you and your children can enjoy eating and looking for souvenirs.
There are also a variety of products for children, such as snacks made from Kyoto vegetables and chopstick sets for children.
For a break, we recommend tasting matcha green tea sweets at a cafe in a renovated Kyo-machiya (traditional Kyoto townhouse).

introduction of Nishiki Market

6. "Shinkyogoku shopping street", full of toy stores and candy shops

In Shinkyogoku shopping street, there are many stores for children, including toy shops, candy shops, baby clothes stores, and souvenir stores.
There are also many cafes where you can take a break and enjoy Kyoto cuisine, making it a great place to have a relaxing meal with the family.
Events and campaigns are held frequently, and there are also many hands-on programs for children.
It is a place where parents and children can have a fun time together while experiencing the atmosphere typical of Kyoto.

Shinkyogoku shopping street's official website

What are we?

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Here you can immerse yourself in Japanese culture through experiencing ninja training.
Both adults and children are welcome to try their hand at defeating the ninja master inside the cafe.
The cafe is an indoor interactive zone, so it can be enjoyed even on rainy days.
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