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Experiencing a tea ceremony in Kyoto has a special meaning that goes beyond simply drinking matcha tea.
This article introduces five tea ceremony classes that offer the best tea ceremony experience in Kyoto.
All of the tea ceremony classes have been carefully selected by local ninjas and are suitable for a wide range of levels, from beginners to experienced tea masters.
Why not choose the tea ceremony class that best suits your needs and experience the supreme tea ceremony experience in Kyoto?
Through the tea ceremony experience, you will gain a deep understanding of traditional Japanese culture and calm your mind.
It will be an unforgettable journey for you.

What is Tea Ceremony

The tea ceremony is a part of traditional Japanese culture that goes beyond the mere act of drinking tea.
The tea ceremony was established by Sen no Rikyu in the Muromachi period (1333-1573).
The tea ceremony is an art in which one not only learns the manners of serving tea, but also comprehensively appreciates various elements such as the space of the tea room, tea utensils, and Japanese sweets.
Through the tea ceremony, one can learn to calm the mind and to value the spirit of harmony with others.

Why should you experience the tea ceremony in Kyoto


Kyoto was the center of the development of the tea ceremony in Japan, and many tea houses and tea ceremony utensils are preserved in the city.
Therefore, visitors can experience an authentic tea ceremony experience while experiencing firsthand the history and culture of the tea ceremony.
In addition, many stores in Kyoto offer tea ceremony experience programs for beginners, making it easy to experience the tea ceremony.

5 recommended tea ceremony experience stores in Kyoto

Tea Ceremony KOTO

Tea Ceremony Experience Koto is a tea ceremony school located within walking distance from Kinkakuji Temple.
Experienced tea masters will carefully instruct you, so beginners are also welcome.
Kimono rental is also available, so you can enjoy the tea ceremony in traditional Japanese costume.

Tea Ceremony KOTO's official website

Tea Ceremony Experience GEN-AN

Housed in a century-old Kyo-machiya (Kyoto old style house), GEN-AN offers a hands-on experience of the tea ceremony in a traditional tea room.
Since the class size is small, you can learn the depth of the tea ceremony in a friendly atmosphere.
Instruction in English is also available, making it a great option for foreign visitors.

Tea Ceremony Experience GEN-AN's official website

Tea Ceremony Experience AN Kyoto

At Kyoto Tea Ceremony Experience AN Kyoto, you can enjoy not only the tea ceremony experience, but also making Japanese sweets(Wagashi).
It is also possible to combine this experience with a tour of Kyoto's sightseeing spots, so it is recommended for those who want to enjoy Kyoto efficiently within a limited time.

AN Kyoto's official website

Tea Ceremony Experience - Urasenke Konnichian

The Urasenke school, direct descendants of Sen no Rikyu, the founder of the tea ceremony, make the tea ceremony experience a truly special time.
In a historic tea room, you can enjoy a cup of powdered green tea in a traditional manner in a tranquil atmosphere.

Urasenke Konnichian's official website

Tea Ceremony Experience - Samurai Spirit Tea Ceremony at Bikouen

Tea Ceremony Experience - Samurai Tea Ceremony At Uji-cha Bikouen, you can experience the Samurai Spirit Tea Ceremony, the tea ceremony of the Samurai.
You can also taste matcha green tea made from Uji tea.

Samurai Spirit Tea Ceremony Bikouen's official website


Kyoto is the perfect place to experience the tea ceremony.
Come experience the history and traditions, calm your mind, and experience a rare glimpse into Japanese culture.

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