The Ninja's costume is all Black??  Introduction to Ninja fashion styles


Among those interested in Japanese culture, ninjas are particularly fascinating.
Not only their martial arts skills, but also their unique fashion style attracts many people.
This article explores the typical ninja costumes that everyone imagines and the real fashion situation of the ninjas.
We will also share some interesting facts about ninja attire and the farmer's work clothes they used as a disguise.
Step into the world of the ninja and learn about their fascinating fashion.
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What everyone imagines a typical ninja costume looks like

Typical ninja costumes are known for their special attire designed to conceal themselves.
Their costumes are usually represented as a full body suit with a black mask covering the face and body.
This design is suitable for stealth operations at night and allows the ninja to blend into the shadows.
In the unlikely event that they are seen, the ninja's face is largely concealed, making it difficult for them to be identified.

Ninja costume are called "shinobi shozoku," "ninja armor," or "ninja yoroi".

Various items of ninja costume

A ninja outfit consists of several parts: a mask, a full body suit, arm armor, ankle armor, and sometimes an undergarment made of chains called "kusari katabira (chain mail)".
These parts help the ninja to fight and protect themselves from enemies while being lightweight so that they can move freely.

Is black the best color for ninja costume?

There is a widespread image that ninja outfits are all black.
However, in reality, unless it is completely dark, the night is a little bright by moonlight, etc.
Under such circumstances, a pitch-black costume will stand out against the background.
In such situations, dark blue or dark brown costumes were worn.
It is also said that they wore pure white costumes when hiding in the snow.

They often disguised themselves without wearing ninja costume

Ninja did not always wear the same costume.
They wore a variety of disguises to keep a low profile and avoid being noticed by their enemies.
They dressed as ordinary townspeople, merchants, monks, etc. to deceive the enemy, gather information, or carry out missions.

Especially often used were the working clothes of peasants.
By dressing up as peasants, they were able to gather information on the enemy and carry out their missions without arousing suspicion.
Also, farmers would not be suspected of carrying a sickle, a weapon, as a tool for their work.
This art of disguise is the result of the wisdom and creativity of the ninja and demonstrates their strategic abilities.
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Ninja costume is closely related to their identity and mission through its special design and use.
Their fashion style represents an interesting aspect of Japanese history and culture, and is a subject worth exploring in depth for foreigners interested in the world of the ninja.

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