What's a Ninja? The Little Known Truth About Ninja


Hello to all of you who are interested in Japanese culture.
Japanese history and culture are filled with countless charms and mysteries, and you are probably one of those who are interested in them.
Among them, the "Ninja" are especially worthy of your attention.
In this article, we will explore the basics about the ninja, their history, techniques, and famous episodes, and tell you the truth about the ninja that you may not know.
Take a step into the world of the ninja and discover their mysterious charm.

What is the job that ninjas are responsible for?

Ninja are secret spies and assassins who were active in Japan mainly during the Sengoku period and the Edo period (15th to 19th centuries).
Their main tasks were belows.

  • information gathering
  • espionage
  • infiltration
  • assassination
  • special missions in battle

They excelled in covert actions using their ninja skills.

What does the name "Ninja" mean?

The Japanese Kanji characters for Ninja are "忍" and "者" which means "stealth" and "person".
They approached hostile forces as invisible beings and used various techniques (ninja skills known as "ninjutsu") and subterfuge to achieve their goals.

What is the ninja history?


The history of the ninja began during the Sengoku period, and their role gradually changed from the Edo period onward.
The Sengoku period in Japan was a time of warfare in which many warlords repeatedly fought battles, and the role played by the ninja, who engaged in covert actions, was also significant.
They served warlords and warlords and engaged in information warfare and espionage.

However, in the Edo period (1603-1867), the Tokugawa family ruled with stability and peace prevailed.
Of course, they still conducted their activities covertly as they once did, but some ninja began to give lessons in self-defense and ninjutsu, and their existence changed from being secretive to becoming part of traditional culture.
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What is Ninjutsu / ninja skills?

The ninja mastered a variety of techniques, including martial arts, weapons handling, gunpowder techniques, and communication methods.
These techniques, called ninjutsu, were essential for their survival and accomplishment of their missions.
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How to become a ninja? The training they do

Ninja underwent grueling training to acquire their special skills.
Their training included mastery of ninjutsu, training in grooming, and cultivation of eyesight suitable for nighttime activities.
In addition to improving their physical abilities, ninja training also included learning general knowledge so that they could integrate into civilian life.
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Ninja sidekicks, shurikens, and other special weapons


The ninja used a variety of weapons.
Typical examples are the shuriken (ninja star), which you all know, and the ninja sword, which is shorter than the one used by the samurai.
Other examples include the chain sickle, the lasso, and explosives using gunpowder.
These weapons were developed to suit the unique fighting style of the ninja and were devised to cope with various warfare situations.
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Ninja clothing was always all black?

Ninja costume was adapted to their covert activities.
Typical ninja attire was often covered with black clothing and had masks covering their faces, which they wore to blend in with the dark night.
When otherwise infiltrating, they dressed to suit the occasion or disguised themselves as monks or merchants.
Clothing that blended in with the surroundings was the ninja armor!
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Famous Ninja Episodes

Although the ninja have been hidden in the shadows of history, there are several episodes left behind. Let me introduce one.

During the Sengoku period, when warfare was unceasing, there was a ninja named Dojun Iganosaki.
He was ordered by the feudal lord he was serving to take down an impregnable castle where a traitor was holed up.
He disguised himself as a beggar during the day and crept into the castle.
Once inside, he dressed as an enemy soldier and set fire to various parts of the castle. And he shouted "There is a traitor in the castle!".
The castle was in chaos, its defenses were weak, and it was easily taken.
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Ninja Experience at our Ninja Experience Cafe

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