You want to know how to become a ninja? Then become the ninja you’ve always wanted to be!


From adults to children, everyone who wants to become a ninja, hello to you all! I am Kuromaru, a Ninja in Japan.
Have you ever wondered how do I become a ninja? Is it even possible for someone like me?
Let me share some history with you all.
We ninjas were major specialists in espionage and sabotage during the Sengoku or Warring States period.
In order to become a ninja, you must first acquire a certain set of skills and knowledge In the following text.
I will share with you how to train as a ninja like those from the Sengoku period as well as today.
If you want to know who the ninjas were, please read this article, "What's a Ninja?".

How to become a Ninja in the Sengoku era (around 1500-1600 AD)

In order to become a ninja of the Sengoku era, here are two main rules as to how to do so.

  1. You must be born into a ninja family
    When one is born into a family of ninja decent, they will learn the ways as soon as they are able to move.
  2. To be adopted into a ninja family
    Due to certain circumstances certain children or even adults back in the day were adopted into such families and then taught the ways immediately.
    Such an opportunity would never occur to these individuals unless it was by chance or they had connections.
    The Iga and Koga clans are two of the most well-known ninja families of that era.

Becoming a Ninja of today

Our world has now become one of peace, instead of being ones of espionage.
We have become cultural icons yet that does not mean we have lost any of our spirit and deadly abilities.
For the newer peaceful world, our secret techniques of Ninjutsu and training methods have become publicly known.
Nowadays if you have time and patience for rigorous training, you too can become one of us.

The qualities needed to become a ninja

We ninjas are professionals in the art of carrying out missions and controlling our superhuman abilities.
In order to do this, you will need a wide range of requirements.

  1. Physical ability
    Ninjas are required to have a high level of physical ability such as running, jumping, and swimming, muscle power, and flexibility in order to master countless ninjutsu techniques.
  2. Martial Arts
    Ninjas also need to know a wide variety of martial arts with and without weapons in order to perform an assassination.
    You must be able to be as deadly with your fists as you are with your sword.
  3. Wisdom and Knowledge
    As ninjas, you must be cunning, able to think quick on your feat, be able to get out of any tight situation swiftly, and have balanced judgement.
  4. Mental Strength
    In order for ninjas to perform their duties even in the harshest of situations, they are required to have a calm mind and the ability to maintain concentration for extended periods of time as well as being able to never give away their identity or important information.

Training to become a Ninja


How to train as a ninja?
The following training regimen will be effective in developing the following four areas: physical ability, martial arts, intellectual ability, and concentration.

Learning the behavior of a Ninja

You need to hide your presence and physical body so that you blend into your surroundings and not let your enemy become aware of you.
Specifically, the following training includes.

  • Imitate the way of running and walking
    A ninja must walk and run quietly and without making sound.
    Here is the training exercise that the old real ninja used to do.
    First, one must tie a 10-meter long piece of cloth around your waist.
    If you run fast enough, the end of the cloth will not touch the ground and will float.
    Continue running while maintaining the speed at which the cloth floats.
    By doing this, you will acquire the strength to run as fast and as long as possible.
    If you want to know more about how ninjas walk and run, please read this article,"How do ninjas run?".
  • Try Parkour
    Some characteristics of the ninja is similar to that of parkour, a style of acrobatic running through the streets, so giving this activity a try is most recommended.

Martial Arts Training

Being able to perform various types of martial arts are one of the basics of a ninja.
Handling weapons such as scythes, staffs, and chain sickles are some of the weapons that make a ninja a deadly and powerful assassin.
First of all, the following three martial arts can be said to be fundamental.

  • Classical form of martial art
    Fighting without using weapons are an important means of combat for the ninja.
    Karate, Judo, or even boxing, anything hand-to-hand is fine.
    Try to attend a local dojo!
  • Kenjutsu
    Kenjutsu means the art of sword wielding and is the most important art of the ninja.
    Is there a place in your neighborhood that teaches kendo? If not, you can use youtube!
  • Throwing techniques
    Throwing weapons such as shurikens (ninja stars) and blow darts are another ninja's favorite means of combat.
    I am sure there is no dojo in your neighborhood… Don't worry, there are some places in Japan where you can learn shuriken training like our Ninja Experience Cafe!

Training for the intelligence of a Ninja

A significant amount of knowledge is required to successfully integrate into any lifestyle for collecting intelligence as well as gathering and to deceive the enemy.

  • Study Civilian Life
    While being in the secretive world of ninja, you need to have a proper understanding of things prevalent in society, values, economy, and so on.
    If you do not, your neighbors will become suspicious of you and report you to authorities.
    Another important piece of information for you my ninja-in-training is If you want to become a ninja in Japan, you have to study all aspects of Japanese culture!
  • Study Human Medicine
    In order to perform assassination missions effectively, you are required to be an expert in the human body.
    Let's be a doctor first.
    If you are poisoned during your mission, this knowledge will surely help you.

Mental Strength Training


Mental training can improve your perseverance and concentration.
Specifically, the following mental disciplines are used.

  • Zazen and Meditation
    Zazen is done while sitting while other methods of meditation have different poses.
    These are also effective in calming the mind and improving perseverance and concentration.
    You can also incorporate them into your life right at home.
  • Hand-sign training
    The certain signs using your fingers are used to activate ninjutsu or certain magical techniques in the anime Naruto.
    This is done as a spell for mental concentration, call upon natural elements, and to ward off bad luck.
    Watch this youtube video and practice!

These trainings can be practiced at home, starting today!

Dressing like a Ninja

In addition to training, the way in which one dresses is also important to being a ninja.
During the day, try to be as inconspicuous and "normal" as possible.
Don't let your neighbors know that you are special. Wearing sneakers is also recommended to make your footsteps less noticeable.
On nighttime assignments, wear black clothing to hide in the dark.
Consider wearing a mask so that if someone sees you, they will not be able to see your face and find out your identity.
For those who want to be like a ninja, but are unwilling to do serious trainings… this is the recommended method.
If you want to know more about ninja disguise techniques, please read this article, "The Ninja's costume is all Black??".

Experience Training at the Ninja Cafe!

So far, I have introduced the ways to becoming a ninja.
Some of them can be done at your home, while others will be difficult to practice.
For example, if you want to practice shuriken or blowgun, but don't have the tools or space to do so, the Ninja Experience Cafe is the perfect place for you!
You can learn how to throw a shuriken or blow a blowgun directly from the ninja staff.
There are plenty of other ways to have fun, so be sure to check it out.

What are we?

We run Ninja Experience Cafe in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, Japan.
Here you can immerse yourself in Japanese culture through experiencing ninja training.
Both adults and children are welcome to try their hand at defeating the ninja master inside the cafe.
The cafe is an indoor interactive zone, so it can be enjoyed even on rainy days.
If you are thinking, "I want to be a real ninja too!” If you are interested in becoming a real ninja, please visit us.
Reservations can be made here.

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