How do ninjas run? Did they really run like Naruto in the anime?


When we think of ninja, we imagine their mysterious movements and agile actions.
But did real ninja really run like Naruto in the anime?
And what kind of walking style did they use to enhance their stealth?
This article will help the many ninja fans to better understand the world of the ninja by taking a closer look at how they ran and walked.

Was "Naruto running" really used by the ninja?

One of the most popular and most representative ninja anime is Naruto. Many ninja fans are familiar with it.

The main character Naruto and other ninjas have a characteristic running style in which they do not wave their hands, relax and lean forward.
"Why do they run this way?"
"Did the real-life ninja also run in this way?"
Have you ever wondered these questions?

Although not exactly the same as the Naruto Run, it is believed that the actual ninja had an equally characteristic way of running.
It is called "Namba running".

The Ninja way of running, Namba running

Namba running is a running style in which the right hand is held out when the right foot is put out and the left hand is held out when the left foot is put out.
Unlike the common modern running style, this system does not require rotation of the hips.
It is said that not only the ninja but also ancient Japanese, including samurai, used this way of running.

There are many theories as to why, for example

1. Because the lack of twisting of the body reduced the loss of physical strength.

2. Because they had to run so that their hands did not collide with the sword at their waist

3. Because it was necessary to quickly retrieve the weapon (sword, shuriken, etc.) at one's waist.

Since there was no means of communication or public transportation in those days, it seems that a running style that could cover longer distances was required, and the namba running style was used, which was considered to cause less loss of physical strength.

Various walking methods of the Ninja

So what about walking instead of running?
The ninja were very careful not to make a sound when they walked, and they developed a variety of walking styles.
Also, keeping a low posture is essential, as keeping tall increases the risk of being found.
We encourage you to master them all as well!

Shinobi-ashi (Sneaky walking)

Lower the foot from the little toe to the ground and gradually shift the weight to the thumb.

Uki-ashi (Floating walking)

Start from the toes down to the ground and gradually shift the weight to the heel.

Inu-bashiri (Dog walking)

Walk on all fours.

Kitsune-bashiri (Fox walking)

Walk on all fours with heels up.

Shinso-toho (rabbit in deep grass walking)

Walk with your feet on your hands.

A unique way to practice ninja jumping

In order to sneak into an enemy's mansion, the ability to leap over high walls without difficulty is essential.
It is said that the ninja practiced a very unique training method to develop their jumping ability.
They grew a hemp plant from a seed and continued to increase their jumping height by jumping over the growing buds every day.
Hemp grows very quickly, growing 2 centi-meters a day and reaching 3 meters.
It is a very low hurdle at first, but if you keep at it, you will gain the superhuman ability of a 3 meter leap.
You too should incorporate this practice into your daily life right now!
If you want to know more about how ninjas train, please read this article,"how to become a ninja".


I hope you have fully understood what kind of actions the ninja mastered to ensure that they accomplished their missions.

Although these actions are not as spectacular as the "Naruto Run" or parkour that you may have imagined, you can sense the deeply thought-out wisdom in even a single walking style.

If you find it appealing, you should definitely try it out wearing a ninja costume and practicing ninja running and ninja walking!

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