What is Ninjutsu (Ninja skills), a special skill used by ninja?


Have you ever seen "Ninjutsu" / "Ninja skills"?
Superhuman fighting techniques, magical fire-breathing actions, hiding in ponds without breathing, disguising yourself as a completely different person, sometimes even the opposite sex…
Even if you have never seen them, if you are a ninja lover, you have probably seen them in anime and manga and admired them.
Can the ninja really use such ninjutsu? What kind of ninjutsu training / lesson / workout do ninjas have? Are there any ninjutsu that you should incorporate into your life?
Let us show you!

Ninjutsu (ninja skills) as you imagine

When you hear the word "ninjutsu", what do you imagine?
These are just a few examples.

Transformation Jutsu

The ninja changes his or her appearance (face, height, gender, etc.) in an instant to become someone else.
By pretending to be someone else, they enter places they cannot enter themselves (inside castles, enemy camps, etc.) and complete their missions.

Substitution Jutsu

When about to be attacked by an enemy in battle, it instantly switches itself with the surrounding objects to avoid the enemy's attack.

Fireball Jutsu

Fire as a means of attack or as sabotage, such as setting a building on fire.

Water-escape Jutsu

They hide in ponds for long periods of time, using long, thin tubes to secure a means of respiration.
They use it to hide from enemy pursuit or to wait for midnight, when people are asleep.

Combat techniques using various weapons such as shuriken

In addition to shuriken, they are proficient in handling a wide variety of weapons, including poisoned blowguns, long-reaching chain sickles, and swords disguised as staffs.

Why was ninjutsu training needed?

The ninja are mysterious, but what was their job? It is what we call espionage in modern times.
They invade enemy castles and camps to steal important information and valuables. Assassination. Gathering information. They perform such tasks.
To do so, it is of utmost importance to blend in with the environment. It was necessary to wear disguises, use few weapons, and sometimes perform combat actions without weapons.
Also, technique for the purpose of escaping safely (bringing back information) is very advanced.
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What ninjutsu can actually be used?

It would be a dream come true if real-life ninja could use the ninjutsu that we see in anime and manga.
What is the actual situation?

Martial arts

Ninja make assassination part of their livelihood, sometimes fighting enemies.
It varies depending on the situation, such as the presence or absence of weapons and the environment in which it takes place…
In order to cope with these situations, they are required to master eight different techniques. They are called the "the eight gates of the ninja".

  1. Osteopathic technique
    An ancient martial art that shares its roots with sumo. It is a fighting art consisting of throwing, joint and striking techniques.
  2. Kiai technique
    The method of using "Kiai" (spirit) to create a sleep paralysis, or to defeat an enemy at a distance without touching him, or skills including breathing techniques and mindset.
  3. Swordsmanship
  4. Spearmanship
  5. Shuriken technique
  6. Fiery technique
    It is said that the ninja had no hesitation in developing methods for mixing gunpowder and tools using gunpowder, and formed their own unique gunpowder science.
  7. Acrobatic technique
    They mastered the acrobatic movements that are characteristic of the ninja. Parkour as we know it today.
  8. General education
    They acquired the knowledge to blend in with the town, such as general knowledge of the city, in order to hide and infiltrate as a townspeople.

Art of disguise

When the ninja infiltrated enemy territory, they had to disguise themselves so that their identities would not be discovered, so they developed their own disguise techniques.
The art of disguise called shichiho-de existed, in which the ninja disguised themselves into seven different occupations, merchants, Buddhist monks and etc.
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Incidentally, the pitch-black ninja uniforms often worn by "ninjas" are used to move around in the dark of night.
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Breathing techniques

They use a breathing technique called double breathing.
Breathing in the rhythm of "inhale, exhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale," increases oxygen intake, while running in a meditative state reduces oxygen consumption.

Art of memorizing

Ninja's espionage requires memorizing vast amounts of information. For this reason, they developed their own memory techniques.
For example, a technique called "Fubo no Jutsu" (the art of forgetting). It is a technique in which one associates "pain" with what one wants to remember.
Specifically, he would use a small knife to scratch his fingers and use the pain to memorize the information, which is quite a terrible way.

Art of communication

Since there were occasions when it was necessary for the ninja to transmit the information they obtained to distant places, they had their own transmission techniques for communicating to distant places.
They used a tool called "iriko-bi" to transmit information like Morse code.

How can you incorporate Ninjutsu into your daily life?

Ninjas live in the city and in everyday life, so of course the various techniques used by ninjas are also easy to use in daily life.
For example, if you have to hurry to get to your next travel reservation, how about using the double breath?
You should be able to travel longer distances with less fatigue!
Do you always forget your room number in the hotel?
In such cases, use "Fubo no Jutsu" (the art of forgetting) and remember it with the pain of pinching your cheeks!
You might even lose it if you jot it down on your smart phone.

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